How do you respond?

How do you respond?

In this final section, I asked five open response questions specifically requesting people to respond to accusations about Trump having various biases, and why voters chose Trump over Clinton. All questions and answers are unedited.

If you could explain your vote choice to a Hillary Clinton supporter using 5 to 10 words, what would you say?

  • Not a political insider.
  • Not a political insider.
  • Hillary Clinton is part of the problem with govt, not the solution.
  • hes not afraid to say what he feels
  • She’s a criminal who shouldn’t even be allowed to run.
  • total disrespect of her responsibility to safeguard top secret and classified national data
  • doing what is best for the country, not your pocketbook
  • It’s time for a change.
  • she put our country in jepordy
  • America is ready for communal change for the majority.
  • Hillary is part of the current problem with our govt, not the solution
  • I have an opinion and I respect yours as I hope you do mine
  • Hilary is a crook
  • Her honesty and some of her policies were not to my liking
  • I would have voted for a Democratic President if they had chosen someone else.
  • We need a change from party politics
  • it’s all about energy and attitude
  • His values are closer to mine.
  • I would have voted against Trump IF DNC has a better candidate.
  • Corrupt lazy cheating lemmings with no firm standards
  • Country is desperate need of change
  • Needed someone new. She’s been in the system too long.

How do you respond to accusations that Trump is ableist (prejudiced against people with disabilities)?

  • I believe that statement to be false
  • I believe that statement to be false
  • I don’t believe that he is. Look at his acceptance speech and who he promised to protect
  • if you actually do your research, hes not
  • I think that people are being too sensitive and making things seem what they’re not.
  • don’t believe it
  • Trump is a big mouth who says stupid things, but he is a business person first and foremost and if you are intelligent I doubt he would care what you look like
  • I don’t have an answer for this question.
  • he is nit
  • Completely disagree, if your actions were broadcast at all times to the media then many issues could be brought up. The media has blown this man out of proportion for decades and his reality TV appeal has drawn a great crowd, and even support. But he is relatable to most and can be taken seriously through his action plans.
  • Don’t agree.
  • Besides the one instance with the reporter what else has he done? That same reporter also called Trump a liar because of a statement which the reporter actually corroborated himself in a previous article. So was he against him because of a disability or because he wrote a false article.
  • Unfounded
  • Untrue
  • I hold little value to what candidates say before elections. Time will tell.
  • I believe that the idea that he mocked a disabled protester is somewhat unfounded. First off the reporter does not have a disabilty that causes him to flail. Secondly, Trump did a similar insult to describe Ted Cruz’s fluster.
  • Trump has to learn to shut up. I don’t think he is prejudiced but speaks irrationally at times.
  • In my experience most are, suck it up. I bet a truthful examination of his business might prove otherwise.
  • Rediculous

How do you respond to accusations that Trump is racist (prejudiced against black people, Hispanics, Asians)?

  • I do not agree with that statement
  • I do not agree with that statement
  • I’ve seen no legitimate evidence for this
  • 30 years in the public eye, just now gets labeled racist
  • I don’t agree with some of his word choices. I don’t think he’s racist.
  • don’t believe it
  • He is no more or less prejudiced than others of his age bracket, he just is not politically correct and says things others do no
  • I think everyone is racist to some extent. I always say: If you’re laughing, you’re technically making fun of something or someone. That is a prejudice, if you think about it – you’re “against” something.
  • he is not
  • He has actively said he wanted to help Americans equally. If you are an illegal immigrant, you are not supposed to be here according to American governing documents. He is only trying to make our country whole again.
  • Haven’t seen anything to suggest he is
  • Is he? He wouldn’t hire any other demographic besides whites then…..
  • Unfounded
  • Untrue
  • Time will tell
  • I dont believe that he is a Racist. I would agree that he can be insensitive.
  • I don’t believe he is.
  • Jessie Jackson and Rosa Parks gave him an award.
  • Rediculous

How do you respond to accusations that Trump is sexist (prejudiced against women)? How do you respond to accusations that Trump has perpetrated rape/sexual assault?

  • I don’t believe that
  • I don’t believe that
  • Once again, I haven’t seen any legitimate evidence of these accusations
  • he clearly needs to learn his manners, but so does hillarys husband
  • I think context has been completely twisted here. If something was a private conversation, it should stay that way.
  • don’t believe it
  • I think a lot of what he said was locker room talk- wrong yes, but men his age talk like that. It is a fact of life and people need to understand that. I do not think he ever did, or had to rape anyone and I believe Clinton put those woman up to lying- she is good at that. And if he did any of those things- like try to accost the lady on the plane, well they should learn to stand up for themselves and she should have gotten up, screamed at him and punched him right in the face. Her story is too far fetched and she acted like an idiot!!!
  • False. People are making way more of the situation than it actually is.
  • he is not
  • I believe Trump is not sexist, but threatened by anyone who could be seen as “better” than him. A powerful business man has a strong ego, making sure he shows no insecurities or fears in his company and relationships he makes. I believe he puts himself and his agenda forward for what he feels will advance his interests, regardless of sex. As for he accusations, I’m not sure what to believe. I believe things like this should be dealt with in a court of law, though, not in a Washington Post article or a blog by a college student.
  • I don’t believe his accusers
  • Who is his campaign manager? Is she not the most respected person on that team right now, more importantly, why didn’t Hillary have a female campaign manager? Does that make her a sexist because she felt a women couldn’t do it?

    As far as the rape/assault accusations, he is innocent until proven guilty. I know zero facts about any of these cases and I feel some maybe factual, and some maybe not.
  • Totally bogus
  • Let a court of law decide
  • Time will tell
  • If Trump was a sexist, why on earth would he hire a female campaign manager? I believe it’s no secret though that rich flamboyant men like Donald Trump attract impressionable women who seeked relationships or affairs with Trump. I’m not religious so i cant claim to take offense by Trump’s playboy behavior. In regards to the allegations. That’s all it is, Hearsay. A person’s word against another’s. Wikileaks revealed some collusion amongst some of the accusers i believe.
    As for the Bus tape. he said they “let him” that implies consent. To me it’s just stupid crap he said in private years ago long before he even thought of running as president. You’d be lying to say you havent said stupid crap like that in private before.
  • I don’t believe he has.
  • Hires women to lead including his campaign, that is sexist? A billionaire doesn’t get dragged thru the mud until weeks before an election, calling BS.
  • Rediculous

If you have been upset or offended by anything Trump has said through his campaign, how do you reconcile your beliefs with your vote choice?

  • I haven’t been
  • It sounds cliche, but no one’s perfect. It’s rare to find someone who has the same exact beliefs or views you share.
  • not important
  • half of what the man says offends me and lots of people. but i believe he does want to make the country great again, get people working, stop giving people something for sitting home -not nothing since people who work are paying for all the entitlements. Almost no one should have to be on welfare- of course there are exception. But Bill Clinton- another one I do not like, has done reprehensible things, but was a good president, created work fare- get people to do work for their money, give it a limited amount of time. Enough of having people stay home and milk the system and take money away from hard working people becasue they do not want to work in low paying jobs, so we should pay for them. The government should assist people, all people should assist others that need help- but there is no reason a healthy person should sit home and collect welfare when they can be doing something, even if it does not bring in a lot of money.
  • N/A
  • better choice then hillery
  • I believe he has attacked Clinton harshly, but I believe the media has blown up the election. Do I think Trump is perfect, gosh no. But what candidate stands for EVERYTHING you believe in? No one. Many say we had to pick between the lesser of two evils, but I felt it incumbent I made my decision on what would affect me in the long run and what can help my family and friends. We need a change, not another pretty politician to promise something and get nothing from it. The past 8 years my family has benefited nothing, but rather watch other Americans benefit from programs. We want a change.
  • I haven’t been upset or offended
  • His strengths align with my major concerns, and although I may not agree with everything he says I agree more with him on important issues that I believe are important
  • Of course. Both candidates have character flaws. I voted based on issues
  • All politicians say things and change their minds ask the people that really know them.
  • Not upset
  • He can be persuaded
  • I voted for the lesser of two evils.
  • I don’t care, honest people are closer to better people that the ones that hide their true nature.
  • I judge people by actions not words

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