What am I missing?

What am I missing?

I also had one open response question asking, “What have I not touched on that you would like to express?” The answers appear unedited below.

  • Clinton had twenty six years to push her agenda as far as equal pay, maternity leave, child care credits. What happened? A little to late to start thinking of it now.
  • Clinton had twenty six years to push her agenda as far as equal pay, maternity leave, child care credits. What happened? A little to late to start thinking of it now.
  • 1) Protests – what is the purpose and how are they going to help us move forward as a nation? 2) Why is it that since Trump has been declared President Elect, there is a sudden surge in the idea that women cannot “do” anything in our society that is considered a contribution? It’s almost as if the general democratic public suddenly believes that women no longer matter in the eyes of our leaders. Why? Whoever put that idea into everyone’s head? I think it’s accusatory and just another excuse to get people to go against Trump.
  • I’m a woman who does not identify as a feminist, as the definition of feminism today is extremely different that what it was originally supposed to be. I believe in woman’s right and equal pay, but I think that it’s a man’s role to lead the country. Women can lead, but certain things I think it’s strictly a man’s role. As another example, I don’t believe a woman should ever been a lead pastor of an entire congregation. I’m not saying that a woman can’t do these things, but rather, a woman shouldn’t.
  • democratic continued increasing taxes and social programs
  • What in the world has changed since 2 or more generations ago. Many Americans are first or second generation Americans and when our parent, grandparents or great-grandparents came here they worked hard to get by. They paved streets, took low paying, hard jobs, becasue they had pride and did not want to take advantage of a country that let them come here. Today people come to this country and milk the benefits given to them dry. They do not work, they want the government to pay for their food, housing, benefits, etc. When did the human being become so lazy and lose their self respect. It is a sad commentary on people. Of course some people need help. But so many just milk the system that it makes everyone look lazy and selfish. Yet those of us who have to work 60 hours a week to put our kids through school and who do not want to pay for entitlements for the lazy people, or the immigrants that come here and collect benefits but give nothing back, we are called selfish. It is a warped way of thinking. Everyone needs to work hard to take care of themselves, and if they cannot then if it is true, that is different. But in this country we have Vets that have fought wars to keep us safe- maybe you do not agree with those wars, like the Vietnam War- but they did what they did for their country. Those are the people that need to be taken care of. But they get lousy benefits and when they have to see a doctor they can wait so long that by the time they get in it is too late. Very sad indeed
  • nothing
  • I’m aggravated with the fact people think Hillary is more qualified than Trump and proves to all how a woman will never get the job over a male. If she was more qualified, she would’ve gotten it.
    The riots are ridiculous, many rioters, proven by statistics, didn’t even vote. He is our president and here to stay.
    With the fact people think their gay and LGTBQ rights will go away, they won’t. And the quote said “gay conversion therapy for those who seek”…. Not converting all but supporting those who are looking for a change. He is making America whole and giving a communal feel back to the foreign land we now call home. I want to be comfortable again walking down the street and we should give him and his crew the right to lead. Remember we ALL have the same Amendments and it is our right to express them.
  • The way our govt operates is a disgrace. It’s mainly career politicians who do anything to get elected again and again
  • None of this focuses on why Hillary lost, you may be collecting data on why Donald, but the more important question is why not Hillary? What about the DNC emails? What about Bernie? What about Benghazi? Why are we in such a shit storm in the middle east when Hillary was our Secretary of State? Why did she lie about her health? Why did she delete emails after they were subpoenaed?
  • Second amendment, Supreme Court appointments
  • What I don’t like about what Hillary represents. Media influence.
  • The topic of Transgenderism and Transsexualism. I certainly wouldnt advocate harrasment or violence. I just believe it’s crazy. I view transexualism as when a person takes a sexual fantasy too far that they get plastic tits and think they’re a woman now. And transgenderism as when you attempt to exhibit characteristics of the opposite sex. It’s as if someone’s homosexuality Pushes them to express themselves as another opposite gender so they can attract more members of the same sex, you know? I dare not say this honest opinion in public for fear of being called a transphobe. Phobia means irrational fear or hatred. I dont have an irrational fear or hatred. I just dont agree with it and i think that there’s a vanity element to it.
  • Earlier one question asked about illegal immigrants and the next just immigrants, leading.

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