Why did you vote for Trump?

Why did you vote for Trump?

The first question asked on the survey is “Why did you vote for Trump? Please select all that apply”. The most common reason selected was “I want an outsider to shake up the political establishment” which 16 of the 23 respondents selected. A close second was “I believe Secretary Clinton has committed crimes against the nation” with 13 respondents selecting it. Third was “I am a Republican/conservative and want a president to uphold these values”, with 10 respondents choosing that option. 6 respondents selected “I am worried about the future of our country and believe Trump holds the solutions”. Only one marked that they had been excited about Trump’s candidacy from the beginning. Additionally, seven respondents filled in their own answers, which appear below, unedited:

  • I believe that the media and certain parts of our government have colluded against normal everyday hard working Americans. I also don’t think that they have our best interest at heart.
  • His priorities are closest to  mine.
  • Trump appeared to have the energy and cared about america’s citizens.  All he needs are Experiecned cabinet members with a similar drive. I also feel that much including the media and politics is pulling hard left and i voted for him to counter that.
  • Neither party has all of the answers. I periodically sporty the opposite pay every 8 years.
  • Obama took things too far left
  • if you want change then why vote for someone with decades in the system? if the answer is experience, then how do you approve of stagnation in many cases?
  • I believe Clinton has done nothing to speak of in her political career and nothing she says can be believed.  She has poor character and cannot be trusted.  I do not love Trump but think he has good ideas that, if iplemented, will help this country.  Many of his ideas need to be tempered and I also believe he will hire enough good people to help him do that.  He is arrogant and egotisical but intelligent and will want to succeed.  I aslo think this country needs to be strong in terms of leadership and out military, which we have not been for many years.  We need to have the respect of other countries, even if it is mixed with a little fear.  Maybe if some people are afraid they will think twice about doing some things- like commit terrorist attacks.  We have had a President that cannot even say terrorism.  We need to show the world we will not take it anymore and fight back stronger than ever.  ISIS never should have been allowed to get as big as it did. In the last 2 years they have developed and grown huge and powerful- all on Obama and Clintons watch.  Could it be because Obama would not admit there is terrorism and it is mainly from Muslims- bad Muslims of course, not normal, peaceful Muslims, but  terrorists should be named so and dealt with accordingly.  We are so soncerned about political correctness we are letting people die so we do not insult others.  Not everyone should be painted with the same brush, but we cannot then ignore terrorists and the fact that they are mainly Muslim becasue we do not want to insult the Muslim people.  They, above all others, should want this to stop.


When asked who they supported in the primary, 9 respondents were supporters of Trump, 3 supported Ben Carson, 2 supported Marco Rubio, 1 supported Bernie Sanders, and one person each said “not Trump”, “don’t vote in primaries”, “n/a”, and “Trump – R Bernie>Hillary – D”, with 4 people choosing to not answer the question.


When asked to rate their support of President-elect Trump, 2 people considered themselves to have “reluctant support”, 6 had “mild support”, 9 had “strong support” and 6 had “strong, passionate support”. To follow up on this question, I asked “If you did not identify as a strong/passionate or solid supporter of President-elect Trump, why did you vote for him and not a third-party candidate?” and the responses to this question appear below, unedited (heads up, profanity).


  • From what I’ve seen and heard from them, I didn’t feel comfortable voting for either.
  • knew nothing about the third party canidates
  • no
  • A vote for someone in third party is wasted
  • Wasted Vote
  • Really thought long and hard about this one. I decided not to vote my conscous
  • His priorities are closest to mine.
  • I didn’t vote my conscience. I just didn’t want Clinton.
  • Because they are fucking retards.
  • Did not want to waste my vote

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